Once upon a time, the King of the Franks, Charlemagne and his army stood at the gates of a southernmost French citadel…

Lady Carcas and the Saracens who lived inside resisted the efforts of the almighty king for five whole years. When food and water supplies were finally at an all-time low, Lady Carcass looked at what remained. A pig and a sack of wheat. To the confusion of her villagers, Lady Carcas decided to feed the pig with the sack of wheat and throw it from the highest tower of the city outside the ramparts.

Charlemagne and his men, believing that the city was full of food if the village could afford to waste pigs fed with wheat, abandoned the siege. As she watched Charlemagne’s army leave, Lady Carcas rang all the bells of the city. One of Charlemagne’s men shouted: “Carcas sonne!” (“Carcas rings”). And the city of Carcassonne was named.
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